Temple Fork Outfitters or TFO offer an outstanding product at truly affordable prices. Optimax Distributors are proud to offer selected TFO fly fishing rods and fly fishing reels to the discerning fly fisherman in South Africa. The following TFO fly rod and reel series have been chosen to suit our specific fly fishing conditions in South Africa. TFO fly rod models include the following series:

TFO BVK   R 4855.85 – R 5927.48

TFO Axiom2   R 5250.00 – R 5360.00

TFO Drift   R 6813.95

TFO Impact  R 5441.90

TFO TiCr X  R 4855.52 – R 5480.97

TFO Blue Water  R 5888.42

TFO Professional  R 3471.30 – R 3694.91

TFO Finesse  R 3962.82

TFO Axiom2  R 5250.00 – 5360.00


TFO Fly Rods


TFO Flyreels