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TFO Axiom 2-X 9.0 ft for 8 wt line


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The TFO Axiom 2-X 9.0 ft for 8 wt line fly rod.

The Axiom 2-X was designed for the intermediate to advanced fly fisherman seeking the maximum accuracy while still being able to cast the distance needed to reach far off fish. Roughly based on the fast action of our popular TiCrX series fly rods. TFO utilised our highest modulus graphite material and TFO,s renowned Axiom technology to redefine performance in an extremely powerful yet forgiving fly rod. Unlike other “stiff” fly rods, the The TFO Axiom 2-X delivers both the line speed and energy necessary for long casts and the incredible tracking and recovery which results in accuracy at distance. If it comes down to one cast, one perfect long cast, this is the TFO Axiom 2-X is the perfect fishing tool to do the job.