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TFO Axiom 2 Fly Rod


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Engineered to fit the angler (not the other way around), the Axiom II fly rod offers the optimization of the three-dimensional approach to casting a fly, hooking a fish and landing it.

The TFO Axiom 2 fly rods optimize engineering and materials to satisfy the broadest range of casting styles and strokes.  Whether short and powerful or long and smooth, the rods will accept how one casts without the need to adapt your casting stroke to rod action.

Within delivery, a rod’s range of power, or ability to handle various amounts of line weight – either by uplining or by carrying extreme amounts of any given weight fly line in the air – is one of the Axiom 2’s great qualities.  The standard AFFTMA 8 wt fly line should weigh 210 grains at 30 feet.  For those of us who don’t think in “grains”, that is about half an ounce.  In conventional spinning and casting tackle, this 8 wt rod would have a RANGE of ¼ – ¾ ounce lures.  Think of the TFO Axiom 2 fly rod the same way – it handles a great range of weight.  As we continue to learn that all fly lines are not created equal, or not all 8 wt marked lines weigh 210 grains (1/2 ounce) at 30 feet, we encourage you to question the true weight of any fly line designation.  Most modern fly lines are heavier that the AFFTMA standard and in some instances, particularly with the increasingly popular integrated shooting heads, MUCH heavier.  Again, not a problem with the Axiom 2 design.

Finally, delivery is a function of line speed.  Acceleration bends (loads) the rod with energy that is discharged when you stop.  Sadly, the energy stored is always more than the energy discharged due to the weight and action of the rod blank – some energy is retained to stabilize the blank.  The Axiom 2 design is the most efficient energy delivery tool that our noted Advisory Staff designers have tested to date.  Easy to load (bend) and quick and efficient in unloading, which also insures accurate and true tracking.  No bounce, shock and no wobble on the stop – Axiom 2 rods are very smooth and efficient casting tools.

 But how well does The TFO Axiom 2 Fly Rod fight fish?

The last and possibly most gratifying job a rod has is to bring the fish to hand, or net, or boat so you can capture the “Kodak” moment for all times.  Fly rods offer the angler a range of options based on the butt angle to the fish.  At or near 90 degrees to the fish’s pull, a rod is a long shock absorber that helps protect lighter tippet.  At 45 degrees, the effective lever shortens and the bottom half of the rod now has bend, has more power and allows you to put more pressure on a fish.  Heavy tippet and big strong fish allow for fighting angles that are very slight – think 15 – 25 degrees.  The bend or load is now down in the butt – in the most powerful part of the rod.  Three tools in one let you protect lighter tippet, take charge of most fights with a 45 degree angle, or land big tarpon with 20# tippet and low fighting angles.  The Axiom 2 design accommodates all three and lets you choose how and when to apply pressure.  Much like the delivery discussion above, the range of power gives you a great advantage.

The 8 weight Axiom 2 I’ve used as an example weighs only slightly more than 3 ounces, which is a very light weight for the dynamic range of power.  Based on all the rods we’ve ever cast, we know it is one of the most efficient high performance rods ever made.

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